About Amana Community Services

Amana Community Services provides specialised and customised aged and disability care for people within the Muslim and Arabic-speaking communities.

Our services are culturally and religiously appropriate and we strive to provide the level of respect and support that we would give to our own families.

We are NDIS certified and are committed to improving the quality of life for all our consumers and participants regardless of need, budget, or circumstance.

Our focus is on trust, respect and understanding, so that each person experiences the practical, emotional and social support that allows them to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Families will have peace of mind, knowing their loved one is comfortable and safe, and treated like one of our very own, with our personalised professional care.

Maryana Nasour is the Managing Director of Amana Community Services.


About Maryana

Maryana Nasour is the director of Amana Community Services.

Maryana came to Australia in 1991 without a word of English in her vocabulary. Through hard work and perseverance she completed high school and went on to complete a Diploma in pathology, followed by a Bachelor of Health, Ageing and Community Services.

Maryana began work in aged and disability care over twenty years ago, and has been committed to aged care and disability care ever since.

She opened a community language school for the Arabic community in Boston, USA, and is currently the principal of an Arabic school in Sydney; another of her many projects focused on serving the community.

She is involved in a number of community projects, providing a range of opportunities where she perceives a social gap.

Maryana is a well-respected member of both the Arabic and Muslim communities and gets great joy out of helping others and making a conscious contribution to society.

She lives with her husband and four children in Sydney.